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Partnering with our Clients to Resolve their Industrial Discharge and Wastewater Needs

Vacuum Truck

Northstar’s team of trained technicians, along with its fleet of well-maintained, late-model vacuum trucks, can inspect, clean, and service all of your non-hazardous industrial waste holding vessels. From coast to coast, our dedicated, safety-conscious professionals have been working with our clients to ensure their drains are flowing and their facilities remain in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations for more than 30 years. With regional service hubs across the country, Northstar is ready to provide timely service for your environmental needs. Northstar can provide various disposal options such as our used oil collection, along with transportation for a one-stop shop able to handle almost any of your liquid or grit disposal needs. We also provide scheduled preventative maintenance cleaning services for which you choose the frequency and optimal service times and we do the rest.


Vacuum Truck Services

Oil Water Separators

Oil water separators are tanks which separate waste streams into solids, water, and oily wastes through the use of gravity, filters, or mechanical means. The tanks may be located above or below ground.

Northstar vacuum trucks are specially designed with high volume vacuum pumps so our techs can remove even the heaviest of solids without having to add water to “slurry” the mix and increasing your disposal costs. Once your oil water separator is clean our technicians will ballast the tank with clean water then collect any used oil.

Grit Traps

Grit traps are simple structures whose primary purpose is to trap heavy solids. They may have a downturn or tee to trap petroleum products and floating trash, but often simply discharge through a straight pipe. They can be any shape or size, indoors or out, and may be part of another structure such as a bioretention basin. They may be constructed of steel, concrete, fiberglass or plastic and may contain filters.

Our technicians will ensure that all solid waste is removed from your grit traps and that your drain lines are flowing like new.


Trenches often serve as the initial gathering point for waste water, channeling it to other devices for treatment. Similar to catch basins, they come in various shapes and sizes, and are constructed of a wide variety of materials. They predominantly trap heavy solids and trash.

Northstar technicians will remove the grates and completely scrape and vacuum out all of the accumulated waste from your trench drains to ensure they operate properly.

Storm Water Catch Basins

Storm water catch basins act as external sediment traps, but also serve to catch trash and other pollutants.

Cleaning and maintaining your storm water catch basins can prevent your parking lot from flooding. Our vacuum trucks and technicians will remove accumulated sediment and debris from your storm water catch basins, keeping your property above water.

Car Wash Reclaim Systems

Reclaim systems filter and reuse the wash water reducing the amount of water used and prevent pollutants from getting to our surface waters or water treatment plants.

Northstar technicians are trained on how to clean these systems and have them up and running once our service is complete.

Storm Water Manufactured Treatment Devices (MTD)

Proprietary stormwater MTD’s trap sediment, trash and pollutants from storm water runoff.

Keeping your device clean and functioning reduces the amount of pollutants getting to our surface waters. Northstar technicians are trained in the proper maintenance, inspection and cleaning for most all manufactures.

Our Fleet

Northstar Environmental has a fully-trained, qualified and equipped staff who can clean, inspect and repair if needed any size oil water separator, water reclaim system, grit traps and trench drains. With customers ranging from national truck stop chains, airport car rental facilities, convenience store car washes to major transportation and cartage companies, no tank or facility is too large.

With equipment ranging from 130BBL vacuum tankers to 78BBL straight trucks, Northstar has the right equipment to fit your needs. Northstar can provide various disposal options along with transportation for a one-stop shop able to handle almost any of your liquid or grit disposal needs. We also provide scheduled preventative maintenance cleaning services to all of our customers. You pick your frequency and optimal service times and we do the rest.

For our car wash customers with reclaim systems, Northstar has service trucks with separate water treatment and grit-debris tanks. We can not only remove all of the accumulated grit, we can also process your water and return it to your reclaim system ready to use. In addition, we have a used oil collection to properly manage waste.

Responsible Disposal

As environmental stewards, we maintain relationships with hundreds of permitted, audited disposal facilities nationwide, which not only allows us to responsibly disposal of waste but also provide the best possible pricing. We also offer zero-landfill options to our customers.

Northstar will dispose or recycle the sludge, solids, and oily water from your facilities at licensed and audited facilities. Our used oil collection and network of disposal/recycling facilities will ensure your waste is properly handled and documented. You will receive waste manifests tracking your waste from the cradle to the grave.


Northstar has a proprietary monitoring and reporting system to keep track of petroleum levels within your oil water separators and will work with you to customize action levels to help eliminate discharges at your various sites.

Confined Spaces

Not all tanks can be completely serviced from the outside. Confined space entry requires OSHA training and proper personal protective equipment Northstar technicians are trained and equipped to safely clean confined spaces entirely.

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