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Stormwater Compliance

Northstar is dedicated to ensuring our clients stay in compliance with all regulatory authorities pertaining to stormwater management. We are certified to perform routine maintenance, repairs, installation and inspections on a vast majority of stormwater control measures currently in use today.

Vacuum Truck Services

Northstar’s team of trained technicians, along with its fleet of well-maintained, late model vacuum trucks, can inspect, clean and service all of your non-hazardous industrial waste holding vessels. From coast to coast, our dedicated, safety-conscious professionals have been working with our clients to ensure their drains are flowing and their facilities remain in compliance with all local, state and federal regulations for more than 30 years. With regional service hubs across the country, Northstar is ready to provide timely service to our customers.

Oil Water Separator Installation & Repair

Having the correct, functioning underground unit is vital to maintaining a property's compliance. We install and repair grit traps, sumps, and catch basins, as well as other underground storage systems. Whether you need an oil water separator or proprietary stormwater control device installed on a new build or are replacing a defective unit, Northstar technicians have the training and experience to install most manufacturers’ units.

Pond Maintenance & Construction

Northstar’s project team is comprised of certified Master Pond Managers whose responsibility it is to maintain the functionality as well as the aesthetics of our clients’ stormwater ponds. However, not all ponds are built to function as stormwater ponds; in fact, many ponds are primarily used for recreation. Northstar’s team is trained to identify poor water quality in ponds and is prepared to provide unique solutions to suit the needs of each pond owner, whether that be recreation, aesthetics, animal habitat, or all of the above.

Land Clearing Services

Northstar provides land clearing services to both commercial and residential property owners. Our experienced equipment operators and their fleet of modern forestry equipment can turn your overgrown pasture or wooded area into land suitable for building, farming or recreation.