Northstar employs a team of highly skilled personnel ready to assist with any phase of your remediation project.  Our experienced professionals have successfully completed remediation of impacted soil and groundwater in a variety of site conditions.  


We evaluate risks and impacts and provide our clients with remediation plans tailored to site specific regulatory compliance requirements, closure and end-goal targets, proposed property uses and cost efficiency.  We work with each site to minimize interruptions to key facilities during the remediation process while completing the project within a reasonable time frame.  

Our Remediation Services Include:

  •    Vacuum Truck Service

  •    Remediation Plans

  •    Onsite Soil Farming/Reuse

  •    Soil Vapor Extraction Systems (SVE)

  •    Dual Phase Extraction Systems 

  •    Product Recovery

  •    Groundwater Extraction and Treatment

  •    Risk-based Assessment and Remediation

  •    Monitoring Plan Preparation and Execution

  •    Closure Plan Preparation and Execution

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