a) Comprehensive Inspection Report

On February 1st, on or before the fifth year after the stormwater control measures (SCMs) are actually put in service, and at least every five years thereafter, a comprehensive inspection of all SCMs shall be conducted and submitted to the city engineer. The inspection must be performed by a professional engineer or landscape architect. At a minimum these inspection reports must include:

  1. Facility type
  2. Inspection date
  3. Latitude,longitude and nearest street address
  4. BMP (“best management practice”) owner information (i.e.- name, address, phone number, fax, and email)
  5. A description of BMP condition including: vegetation and soils; inlet and outlet channels and structures; embankments, slopes and safety
  6. benches, spillways, weirs, and other control structures; and any sediment debris accumulation
  7. Photographic documentation of BMPs
  8. Specific maintenance items or violations that need to be corrected by the BMP owner along with deadlines and re-inspection dates

It is the landowner’s responsibility to maintain documentation of these inspections.

(Source: City of Gallatin Engineering)

b) Annual Inspection Report

Landowners with SCMs on their property must submit an inspection report on the first day of February following the installation of any SCM.