Kraken Unit


During a routine inspection of facility in Whites Creek, TN a Northstar Inspector noted that their Kraken unit was due for routine maintenance before it would become ineffective and out of compliance with the City of Nashville. Northstar immediately notified the facility’s management to setup a maintenance schedule.


At the time of Northstar’s inspection the Kraken unit had accrued a large amount of debris on and around the filters within the unit. This debris reduces the amount of surface contact the incoming stormwater has with the filter’s surface resulting in ineffective treatment of the polluted water. Additionally, the filters themselves had accumulated a lot of oil and other particulates which needed to be cleaned off so the filters could retain their functional integrity and remain in compliance with the regulations designated by the City of Nashville.


Northstar scheduled a maintenance visit which was performed according to the Bio Clean Environmental maintenance manual for Kraken Filter Systems. Northstar began the rehabilitation of this system by removing each of the individual filters and cleaning each one with a low-pressure hose assuring the filters would be cleaned without damaging the delicate filter material. Then a vacuum truck was used to remove all of the trash and debris reestablishing the Kraken unit to a functional and regulatorily compliant status. It was determined at the time of the cleaning that the filters had nearly completed their lifecycle and will need to be replaced wholly on the following maintenance visit. Northstar developed a maintenance schedule for the facility manager to ensure the Kraken unit continues to function as designed and remain in compliance.