Vacuum Truck Services

Northstar owns and operates a fleet of vacuum trucks able to handle our clients' needs. Northstar's vacuum truck services provide for oil water separator, used oil collection, cleaning sump pits, catch basins, drainage systems, and other underground tanks. With regional service hubs across the country, Northstar is ready to provide timely service to our customers.

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Truck Stop

Northstar provides thorough cleaning, responsible waste transport and disposal of truck stops' oil water separators, fuel island and shop drains.

Car Wash Services

Northstar is able to pump out all sludge and debris from trenches and clarifying pits with disrupting car wash operations. For our car wash customers with reclaim systems, Northstar has service trucks with separate water treatment and grit-debris tanks.


Convenience Store

Northstar is here to service the various underground systems that convenience store's maintain. From grit traps to tank cleanings, Northstar ensures our customers' compliance.


Retailers often have a wide array of water reclaim systems, equipment wash bays, and grit traps. Call us today to formulate a waste management system that fits your system.

Commercial and Residential

Both commercial and residential customers have stormwater BMP/stormwater control measures that need to be maintained regularly to meet environmental compliance standards. Northstar's qualified professionals are here to make sure that happens.





Northstar can also inspect, repair or install any brand of oil/water separator. Contact us today for your service needs.

Responsible Disposal

As environmental stewards, we maintain relationships with hundreds of permitted, audited disposal facilities nationwide, which not only allows us to responsibly disposal of waste but also provide the best possible pricing. We also offer zero-landfill options to our customers.

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